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Let the darkness corrupt your heart!

Darkness will always find you. And hiding won't save your heart from being corrupted. Darkness is everywhere, even inside of you. Let us, the servants of the darkness, show you that hope is something useless. We'll make you realize that spending your life doing good things is something stupid because all the positive feelings must be eliminated. Release the darkness in your heart and join us. The dark side is more attractive than you think.

((Independent rp/ask blog for Marmo, Bell, Hosshiiwa, Queen Mirage, Ms.Shitaatare and the Zakenna butlers from the Precure Franchise. Will rp with any fandoms plus AU threads. ))

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    " All Precure Transformation Soundtrack "

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    (( Nooo! I don’t want to work for a week again. Help me! ))

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    Phantom Empire x Zangyack Empire ( @ask-dmc-vergil )




    "I’m not planning on attacking the Zangyack directly Hoshiiwa. That was never my plan." Basco explained, exasperated, "All I need to do is bide my time until I can slip a knife right in their back. And then there’s the treasure… it’s said that its power is beyond anything else. If I claim it, no one would be able to stop us."

    " Eh!? "


    Hosshiiwa was surprised. She understood everything wrong and did something horrible. How can she fix everything she did? 

    " Hosshiiwa… You never change, right? " - giggled Queen Mirage, hitting her staff on the ground - ” To show you I’m not the bad lady you think I am, I’ll leave her with you. “


    " What? "


    That was more surprising. Queen Mirage actually cared for her? 

    " After all, she is no use for me anymore… "


    " No way that could happen, right? "


    Basco rolled his eyes, he didn’t know what to make of this queen sometimes. He pulled Hoshiiwa to him protectively, “Well I suppose it’s time to get planning on what our next move shall be.”

    " Maybe we can distract them for awhile… "

    " Obviously that won’t work. They will be more cautious now. "

    " And what about you, Queen Mirage? Can’t you do something? "

    " Just let me think for some seconds… "

    They were trying to plan something to do. His empire should be really strong and something imprudent could be their defeat.

    " Basco-san… " - said Queen Mirage in an odd way - ” Why don’t we give them some entertainment with my mirrors and your warriors? “

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    The Choiark started to jump, happy that she finally understood what their leader was trying to say.

    The group of Choiark that went to the city before returned. They were holding a comfortable couch for Hosshiiwa. They picked her and placed on the couch.

    "Where did you get the couch?" Nozomi asked. And then suddenly Megumi answered the phone.

    "Ah, Megumi-chan! It’s me, Nozomi! … Yes I’m fine, and you? … that’s good!" Nozomi already had gotten distracted making small talk with Megumi, completely forgetting about the reason why she called Megumi in the first place.

    "Um…you’re busy right now?" Nozomi bit her lip and looked over at Hoshiwa. "No, no. That’s okay. I’m fine! I don’t need anything!"

    After reassuring Megumi, Nozomi hung up the Cure Line and passed it back to the Choiark.

    "Megumi-chan can’t help is, but don’t worry! We’ll be fine! I’ll help her as best as I can!"

    Nozomi paused, looking at Hoshiwa dumbfounded.

    "Any ideas of what we should do…?"

    The Choiark started looking at each other, without any idea of what to do now.

    Suddenly, a big mirror appeared before them. All the Choiark runned behind Nozomi, trying to hide… something that failed miserably, since there were too many to hide behind her.

    The mirror stood there for a time and both of the parts said nothing, until the mirror broke the ice.

    " What is happening here? "

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    Reborn, Selfish Paradise ( @theformerselfish )





    "Do you need um… any help?"

    " Any help will be really good for me right now… "


    "Hm." Sekka was thinking of something, possibly a rose theme for the bottoms. "Maybe a rose design on the skirt?"

    " Roses? Maybe not. I already did something based in a rose. And this failure was born… "

    Marmo handed a piece of paper to Sekka. It was her previous dress that she drew before her arrival.

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    Cure Honor’s Debut! @Theselfishprincess




    Hosshiiwa was impressed. That way of fighting wasn’t really her style. Now, without her weapon, what she could do? Maybe running is the best option, after everything?

    " You don’t treat a lady like this. Saiark!!! "


    The Saiark rushed a last time toward him. That was the only thing he could do that moment.

    While the Saiark was keeping him distracted, Hosshiiwa ran toward her umbrella.

    But you are my foe…! When I face a man, a woman, or anything else, I bring no mercy to the fight- ! !

    Earl turns to his right, cock his right fist back, and wait for a few moments before he delivers a skull-crushing jab at the Saiark’s face.

    Meanwhile, the dark gray owl lands on the ground, not that far from the fight…


    The Saiark couldn’t endure more of his attacks and broke, being defeated. The Saiark disappeared and everything returned back to normal. The woman trapped inside the mirror was freed, without memories of what happened.

    Hosshiiwa picked her umbrella and started running. She stopped when she saw a gray owl on the ground, looking at her.

    " What are you looking at, stupid owl? "

    Hosshiiwa pointed her umbrella toward the owl, threatening it.

    " Aren’t you afraid of me? "

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    The friends of my friends … (@hoshizora-miyuki)





    "Tarte and Coffret told me about him too, -kuru…" Candy said. "Kuru…? I can feel something approaching!" The fairy looked up at the sky, just like Marmo.

    "I can’t see anything…" The girl commented. "Just… what is going on?" She looked back at Marmo. Waiting for more infos.

    " Bottom was defeated by the Precure but one part of him wasn’t. Through the years, he destroyed many galaxies and now it’s growing and, consequently, seeking more power. "


    " Marmo… Are you really serious? "


    " Yes. It seems that the Egogy of Earth drew his attention and he is coming to absorb all this power. "


    "Many Galaxies…?" Miyuki repeated. If Marmo was telling the truth, and Miyuki wasn’t doubting she was, it was really terrifying how much his power must have increased since he had been defeated.

    "Then… This is why all the Egogy is acting weird, -kuru! It wasn’t because of Miyuki!"

    "Isn’t there anything we can do to stop him? Oh if only Tsubomi and the others were here… Or maybe Gentaro. We could have flown right into space and solve the problem… Is there anything we can do before he arrives?"


    "First, we should probably gather Akane and the others here, -kuru!" Candy suggested.

    " We don’t have too much time before he arrives. You must call your friends now. I’ll try to call Ira and, maybe, the cures of Trump Kingdom. I don’t know how they would react, though. "

    " No way… I didn’t know our Egogy was so powerful… "

    " Bell… Come with me. Let’s find Ira. After all, he was searching for you too with a boy. I can’t remember his name… but looked like a french one… “

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    Disturbing noises ( @damnatiprophetiae )




    " Eh!? "


    Hosshiiwa looked on the ground and saw a girl, standing alone while all the people were running away. She asked her why she was doing that.

    " Look Saiark, we have a brave girl. My name is Hosshiiwa, general of the Phantom Empire. I will corrupt the future of every person in this city… "


    " … And you’ll be the first one. Saiark!! "


    The huge monster started walking toward the girl.

    "It looks like you need a lesson in manners." She stated politely as she finished her drink and casually tossed the empty container into… a nearby metal trashcan? Which seemed strange considering it would have been made of candy a few seconds ago.


    In fact… if one was extra observant, every part of the park where she stood and touched had silently returned to its original state like it was being influenced by an unseen force and was slowly spreading out into the surrounding areas.

    "Do you really have anything better to do than terrorize the locals?"


    "Because I would really like to correct that."

    " What are you- "

    Hosshiiwa was impressed. She never saw someone neutralizing her powers before. Maybe it was just a trick to fool her.

    " Don’t get too cocky, girl! Saiark! "

    The Saiark started throwing several sharp book pages toward the girl who was before him.

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    blue: oh please hikawa “I want to be a cute bride someday” iona this is your problem now lmao

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    "How did I get here?" Love wondered. She turned arround and saw a big mirror.
    @Let the darkness corrupt your heart!:






    " Welcome to the Precure graveyard, Cure Peach… "

    Mirage smiled evilly and her body was surrounded by a malicious aura.

    " … and the place of your eternal sleep! "

    " Yotsuba? Hm… Okay! Just a minute, please. ”


    Yuu started to act strange suddenly. She went inside the temple and took a while to come back.

    " Sorry but… You aren’t welcomed in this sacred place. You must leave immediately. "


    "Eeeh?" Love looked surprised at Yuu. For a second, everything felt frozen. Her pink eyes looked into Yuu’s blue eyes. Love slowly closed her mouth. "Why, do I have to change to enter? Because I could do that.

    " You can’t enter here. My grandfather said he saw a terrible prevision talking about a girl coming to our shrine. And everything my grandfather predicts, comes to reality. Sorry, Momozono-san. "


    Yui turned around and started walking back to the shrine. What Love could say for her to change her opinion about her? 

    "But that doesn’t mean I’m the girl, your grandfather predicted, right?" Love tried to smile and tried to calm down. "I mean, after all, I’m a Pretty Cure- aaaaahhhhhh…." Love suddenly shut her mouth by putting her hands over it. "I-I mean… my name is full of Love. I kinda feel that I’m not the girl."

    " You are a Pretty Cure too? "

    Yui thought that she was the only Pretty Cure in Pikarigaoka but it seems she was incredibly wrong.

    " So you have a PreChanMirror too, right? " 

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    Three Bats