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I will turn your desire into a dream come true

How awkward...
What a pitiful creature you are. Why don't you let me, the princess of selfishness, finish your pathetic existence right now? I promise it will not be painfull... You just need to offer your heart to me. Be sure I'll make a good use of it.
Are you crying? You finally realized that hope will not save you from your own darkness? How delightful ! Now... Let's not wait more. I already had a lot of fun seeing you lose your last drop of hope. Go wild, my dear! Release the darkness in your heart. *giggles

((Independent rp/ask blog for Marmo/ Bell / Hoshiiwa and Queen Mirage from Doki Doki Precure. and HappinessCharge Precure.
Will rp with any fandoms plus AU threads. ))
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    So Lemme Get This Straight


    Hime likes Seiji, but Seiji likes Megumi. But Megumi likes Blue, and Blue seems to like her back. But Seiji doesn’t like that Megumi and Blue like each other, because he likes Megumi. But Hime likes Seiji, and she knows he likes Megumi, who likes Blue, who likes her, so this whole thing just got unnecessarily complicated, didn’t it?

    In my oppinion, Blue is just being kind with Megumi.

    Hime > Seiji > Megumi > Blue > Queen Mirage

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    Accidents happen all the time ( @mansionofmuses )



    " Sorry to disappoint you but I think you confused me with someone else. My place of origin is called Selfish Lands. There is no happiness and love in there. "


    Marmo’s face suddenly changed after answering her question. She seemed very sad. When Flan was going to say something, Marmo interrupted her.

    " Here we are. This is my home in this planet. "


    They arrived in front of an abandoned bowling club.

    Flan followed Marmo until they arrived at the bowling club. It looked run down and abandoned, so Flan thought it wasn’t the best of places to live. A wave of silence washed over the two as Flan simply blinked twice at inspecting the place.

    "Um…" She finally broke the silence and started up, "So…your home is a bowling club?" Flan felt like she was missing something here. "Well, at least it’s..homey!" The little vampire looked up to Marmo and wondered, "So…um…this wouldn’t happen to be the Selfish Lands would it?" It certainly looked devoid of happiness and love.


    " This place is a hidden passage to the Selfish Lands. We decided to choose this place because we don’t want humans inside here."

    Marmo knocked the door several times. After some time, both of them were swallowed by a dark portal.

    " Welcome home, Miss Marmo - zakenna! " - said a short creature, holding a broom.

    " Someone, help! A girl invaded our hideout " - said the taller creature, screaming and running around.

    " Stupid! She is with Miss Marmo, can’t you see -zakenna? " - The shorter creature hit the taller with his broom. He seemed pretty angry.

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    @I will turn your desire into a dream come true:




    11. A Hug

    "I guess that shouldn’t be bad.."He said before hugging the woman.

    " Its not so difficult to find them. They are all scattered in front of your door. Are you some kind of collector or something? "

    She threw the bills over him, laughing of his pathetic way of living. She looked around his room and nothing really caught her interest.

    " I’m wasting my time here. There is nothing valuable here. Even your life is not valuable. Should I end with your suffering? "


    The teacher looked over at the young woman who seemed to be laughing her ass off at the way he was living.”Can i help it?! I got so many things piling up in my mind. I barely had the time to spend on paying these..”He then heard her statement that she wanted to end his suffering. “What the hell are you getting at?”He asked wondering what the hell she was on about..Not liking her company one bit.

    " I’m going to the point. A human like you offer nothing to this world. Why don’t you join me? You are going to be more useful if you join my side. "

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    Witch’s House ( @redstainedsoul )



    " I’m really surprised. You seem very charismatic. There is no reason for people to avoid you. "


    Marmo looked in the pantry as she said and found the cookies inside a beautiful jar of porcelain. She picked it and put on the table.

    " Any tea is good for me. Where I live, we can’t be so picky toward things. "


    "Well, that’s because people on this time are scared of everything. Black hearts…" Sighs deeply, but who could not be messed up in the medieval era? In a way is somehow ironic than a witch is more pure than them. 


    “I hope you like chamomile tea then, in my opinion is quite good and healthy.” Ruby knows her stuff after all.

    " I’m so glad that I found you. We have so many things in common. But it’s a pity that you don’t have a vengeful heart like mine. Together… we could rule the world. "

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    He didn’t expect Queen Mirage to not accept his suggestion right away like that. Of course she was aware of his failures. As a good General, he had to report these too after all.

    He had thought the Queen trusted him more than that…

    "I did fail a few times, yes. Those Happiness Charge Precure are quite a pain. All the Precures we defeated up until now had been alone. Please, understand, your majesty."

    He knelt down before her. Something he would only do to the one person he deemed superior to him. In this case, his Queen.

    "I ask you again. Please, let me take command of our actions in Japan."

    " All my hope on you is finishing, Oresky! Prove to me that I am wrong. Otherwise, I’m aware you know your destiny, right? "


    Queen Mirage pointed her staff toward Deep Mirror. The Mirror started to shine, showing all the Choiark and previous Phantom Empire generals trapped inside mirrors after being defeated by the Precure.

    The sight of the place shown in the mirror sent shivers down the man’s spine. He hadn’t realized he was on such thin ice… He thought he was still well liked by Queen Mirage. He lost count along the way, but did he really fail so many times?

    "O-Of course, I am well aware of the consequences, your majesty!"

    He started to get nervous. There was a heavy silence that only lasted a couple of seconds, before Oresky added:


    "… Tell me what I can do, my Queen. Whatever the mission you give me is, I swear on my pride I won’t fail!"

    " I am going to trust you with something important, Oresky. Bring me that two annoying fairies that help the Precure. Without them, they aren’t going to get more Precards. Understood? "

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    The friends of my friends … (@hoshizora-miyuki)





    Worried, Miyuki stopped flying to see what was happening with Bell. Meanwhile, on the ground, Marmo was still trying to find him.

    " Damn! Where did that stupid mouse go? I’m tired of flying and I am really hungry but… I let all my money with Ira. I don’t believe this…. "


    Maybe flying wasn’t the best choice. What made he think that he would lose his fear of height? He can’t answer this properly.

    " Sc-Sc-Scared? Me? Of course not… "


    Of course he didn’t want to confess. His proud didn’t let him do that… but a strong gust of wind made him change his mind.

    " I’M GOING TO FLY AWAY!!! " - shouted him, grabbing into Miyuki’s leg. He was shaking a lot.


    "Now, now. Calm down, Bell." Miyuki said, taking him in her hands. "It’s alright to be scared. I’m scared sometimes too! Obviously, Marmo isn’t flying, so I’m sure we’ll just bump into her if we keep searching."

    "That’s right, -kuru! If she is looking for you, she probably is doing it on the ground since she knows you can’t fly anymore, -kuru."

    The glowing wings faded away, and Miyuki tucked the mouse back into her bag before entering the building to get out the normal way, using the stairs.

    " We aren’t going to find her this way… I’m so useless in this form… "

    Bell got depressed suddenly. While Miyuki was going down the stairs, Bell was inside the bag, quiet. She definitely didn’t like that atmosphere.

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    Let Darkess fade to Light ( @suisuisaya )



    " Me and that phantom have something in common: Both of us want the world shrouded in despair and sadness. I can’t tell you so much information about my king but, I can tell you something about his order: we need to collect enough selfish energy, created after corrupting people’s hearts, to fulfill something. "


    "I kinda figured the thing with despair from the questions you asked me." Saya smirked and lifted up a hand. "Besides, that plan won’t work. Or should I say, it hasn’t worked. Or am I wrong?"

    " But there is something you don’t know about my methods. I don’t corrupts people like they do. There is something more powerful than their despair… their selfishness. "

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    Cure Honor’s Debut! @Theselfishprincess






    Earl Zolubu, the 4’8” tall, 19 year old man, carries a box of apples to an apple stand at the annual Pikarigaoka’s City Summer Festival. He volunteer to help out the group of schoolgirls, on vacation, with no reward. But, that does not faze him one bit. He is a lone helper and warrior. That is his job and he loves it.

    Everyone is having a good time at the various attractions at the fair and this type of energy, plus helping out, made Earl’s soul sing! This is what he was born to do! Fight for all that is good in this world and help out whoever needs help, in any way he could muster up to do~ People’s needs, not wants, are first. Earl’s needs and wants are second. That is his policy on his job and speaks out on how Earl ticks~

    From afar, on the top of a house , Hosshiiwa was looking everyone having a lot of fun. Displeased, she was biting her nails in anger.

    " This happiness will be over soon. Enjoy the last minutes you have, stupid humans. "


    Hosshiiwa started to laugh like crazy and opened her pink umbrella. She jumped from the roof and started floating toward the fair.

    From an rooftop, far away from the festival, a dark gray owl sees the floating lady, laughing like she is ready to wreck havoc.

    It turns its attention to the stand where an new extraordinary drink makes its debut. It is called “Vigors” and its comes into a variety of small hard plastic bottles, with an cap that is not like an traditional bottle cap. The owl suspects that the lady is after the Vigors and takes off to fly towards the unsuspecting festival, with a green crystal in its talon.

    Hosshiiwa quickly landed on the ground, without any kind of problems, and closed her pink umbrella.

    A lot of people were passing by her, wearing fancy Yukatas and holding several types of bags. The smell of food was in the air and several people were eating some food of the festival.

    After looking at many stands, one caught her attention: one stand with a new drink called Vigors. Somehow, she could feel a strange energy coming from them.

    She approached the stand, where a beautiful girl was offering samples of the drink.

    " Hello, little lady. Do you want to try a sample of our drink? It’s free. "

    Hosshiiwa looked at her, very annoyed of what she said. She wasn’t little… It’s her body that rejects growing.

    " I don’t want samples. I want everything you have here. " - demanded her, hitting the counter of the stand with her umbrella.


    " This is so great. You will buy everything? I will call someone to take them to your house and - "

    Hosshiiwa laughed, interrupting her talk. She became serious again and approached the girl.

    " I’ll take all of them now! "


    The gray owl landed on top of a tall pole in-between small attractions, seeing the greedy demands of this lady unfold…

    Earl got done with the apple boxes and walked back to the stand when he heard some rude statements of demands on the new Vigors from a little lady, with a pink umbrella.

    "Excuse me, ladies. I will be right back. I got to go take care of some attempt at theft."

    Earl alerted the school girls and told them that he has go and take care of some rude commotion across from their stands.

    "Excuse me, miss. It is against the law to try and take all these Vigors here. You could get arrested."

    Earl approached Hosshiiwa with a tap on the shoulder and he crossed his arms.

    " Who you think you are to order me around? And don’t touch me again with these filthy hands, stupid human. "

    Hosshiiwa faced him, poiting her umbrella toward him. These kind of people really annoys her. She just wanted to make him disappear.

    " My name is Hosshiiwa. And I am going to take every Vigors from this stand. And you aren’t going to STOP me. "

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    Three Bats