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Let the darkness corrupt your heart!

Darkness will always find you. And hiding won't save your heart from being corrupted. Darkness is everywhere, even inside of you. Let us, the servants of the darkness, show you that hope is something useless. We'll make you realize that spending your life doing good things is something stupid because all the positive feelings must be eliminated. Release the darkness in your heart and join us. The dark side is more attractive than you think.

((Independent rp/ask blog for Marmo, Bell, Hosshiiwa, Queen Mirage, Ms.Shitaatare and the Zakenna butlers from the Precure Franchise and Queen Beryl from the Sailor Moon Franchise. Will rp with any fandoms plus AU threads. ))

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    " This is such a convenient situation for me. When I finish killing you, I’ll kill your reincarnation together and I’ll obtain the Silver Crystal, that should be enough to recover Queen Metalia’s powers. "


    Queen Beryl hit her staff on the ground and the land around them start to crack, limiting the area of their fight.

    " I suppose you are ready, right?. The first who makes her move is the winner. "


    Queen Beryl started shooting dark flames at Serenity, trying to hit her.

    Likewise the Princess raised her sword, deflecting each attack and making advances to send back her own blasts of Energy. She did not have the real fighting skills aside from basic knowledge. This was where her strength lie. In the Crystal, in her self and in/light/. 

    "You will perish for good. I’ll make sure of it." 

    Queen Beryl put her hands in front of her, creating a barrier of Dark Energy that blocked the deflected attacks.

    " You can’t use the full powers of the Crystal inside Dark Kingdom, Serenity? What are you planning to do? Use my own attacks against me? This is not going to work forever. "

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I wish the Precure RP on tumblr had more villains. There’s Joker, Northa, Marmo, Hosshiwa and Phantom- but I kind of wish there were a few more.

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    I wish the Precure RP on tumblr had more villains. There’s Joker, Northa, Marmo, Hosshiwa and Phantom- but I kind of wish there were a few more.

    submitted by anon

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Listening to Moon Pride makes me want to go save the world.

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    Listening to Moon Pride makes me want to go save the world.

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    " I should be the one asking this, don’t you think? Humans surely don’t have any kind of manners. "


    The shadow of the mirror disappeared and a beautiful woman, that looked like a girl, appeared.

    " So… What do we have here, Deep Mirror? Introduce yourself, silly human. "


    “Wait! Wasn’t there someone else just a second ago?” Nozomi cried. “And I’m Yumehara Nozomi! But you still haven’t told me who you were! What are you doing here anyway?”

    " Yumehara Nozomi! Remember my words! My name is Queen Mirage, ruler of the Phantom Empire and I’m going to bring misfortune to this planet. "

    Queen Mirage looked to the sides but didn’t find Hosshiiwa.

    " What did you do with one of my generals, Hosshiiwa. Tell me now if you don’t want to suffer the consequences. "

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    Addicted to Mochi ( @musume-tamako-chi )


    The Zakenna Butlers were returning home after buying some things that Marmo ordered. They walked in front of a lively shopping district, Usagiyama Shopping District, and the smell of food draw their attention… specially from the taller butler.

    The taller butler entered in the shopping district, very curious and hungry, and the smaller one followed him.

    " Where are you going? -zakenna. Marmo will be angry with us. -zakenna. "

    " Don’t be so boring -zakenna. There is nothing to worry about -zakenna. "

    After walking down the district, and visiting a lot of stores, they stopped in front of a Mochi Shop.

    " I want to buy one -zakenna. "

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    " Just some kicks and punches won’t destroy my Jikoochu. They aren’t like your weak opponents. Jikoochu! "


    The Jikoochu pointed his ‘pencil arm’ toward Moonlight and started throwing several pencils like missiles toward her.

    Moonlight stood her ground. Waiting for the missiles to reach her. When they finally did, the woman raised both her arms in front of her.


    "We’re far enough. I have no reasons to hold back now. Moonlight Reflection!

    Similar to Rosetta Wall, two small shields of light appeared in Yuri’s palms. When the tip of the pencils touched them, they bounced off, and went in the opposite direction. Toward the Jikochu.

    The Jikoochu began to run to both sides, trying to dodge the missiles he launched before. Despite his tries, the missiles hit him and exploded. A cloud of smoke raised and the Jikoochu went flying, landing hard on the ground.

    " Jikoochu… " - said the monster stunned on the ground.

    " What are you doing, stupid monster? Do something now. " - Marmo shouted at him, very upset.


    But, maybe, she shouldn’t have said that. The Jikoochu got up quickly, ran toward her and, with his eraser, erased her mouth.

    " Mmmmmmmm!!!! "


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    Goal ( @windymarch )




    " Look! I found something interesting here. " - Ms. Shitaatare said to herself, laughing.


    She landed slowly on the ground, walking toward Cure March. The Precure didn’t realize her disguise yet. Who could know that such a coincidence would happen with her that day.

    " So you are a Pretty Cure? Someone clumsy like you must be the worst Precure! "


    She started laughing outrageously. Her high-pitched laugh was something really annoying. 

    The Uzaina she summoned before came toward her and stopped by her side. 

    Despite Ms. Shitaatare’s loud, annoying laughter and the insults, Cure March was quick to stand up again. She didn’t feel discouraged at all - rather, she was angry and embarrassed now, and it showed in the light blush that had appeared on her face.


    "Labeling people as ‘the weakest’ after they fail once or twice just really isn’t fair, you know! You shouldn’t be laughing either, because I’m not done yet!" She protested and then charged at the Uzaina once more, with balled fists.

    This time, she didn’t fall down - simply because she was so fast that her feet didn’t touch the ground for more than a few seconds, and the winds all around her were so strong that the ice on the ground even began to melt.

    She leaped in the air and went on to punch the monster repeatedly, too quickly for it to react - or so it seemed, at least.

    Cure March hit several times the Uzaina with powerful punches and just stopped after her fists started to hurt. Her attacks left him with several cracks over his body and he seemed a bit confused.

    " If you don’t believe what I say, I’m going to prove you that you are the weakest Precure. Uzaina! "

    The Uzaina opened it mouth and white sparkles appeared in its mouth. It then fired a blizzard from its mouth at the opponent, freezing her slowly.

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    Kunzite was in the resting chamber of his former companions. They were reduced to stones after being defeated by the Sailor Senshi. Kunzite regreted for everything that happened to them, mainly because they died without knowing the truth.

    While he was there, Queen Beryl was in a hurry. Kunzite noticed how she was and decided to follow her.


    "Queen Beryl?"

    His thoughts manifested themselves into words after a few minutes of quiet following of the Dark Queen. She was in a state alien to him - Normall she was cool, collected. Not hurrying through the Arctic darkness.

    "Is something the matter?"

    " Kunzite? "

    Beryl stopped walking, touching her staff on the ground. She didn’t even bother to turn around to talk to him. Coldly, she just answered

    " This doesn’t concern you. Just go collect more energy for Metalia-sama. "

    She continued to walk down the hallway until reaching a staircase leading to the underground of the castle.

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    No one can stop this power ( @radi0hardcore )


    Atticus stood there. Waiting for her to make her first move.

    Ms.Shitataare started to shake her hands, creating a dense mist. The giant monster disappeared in the middle of the mist.

    " Uzaina! Now! "

    The Uzaina raised its arms and a large whirlpool appears above its head. He then threw the whirlpool at him.

    (Source: theselfishprincess)

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