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I will turn your desire into a dream come true

How awkward...
What a pitiful creature you are. Why don't you let me, the princess of selfishness, finish your pathetic existence right now? I promise it will not be painfull... You just need to offer your heart to me. Be sure I'll make a good use of it.
Are you crying? You finally realized that hope will not save you from your own darkness? How delightful ! Now... Let's not wait more. I already had a lot of fun seeing you lose your last drop of hope. Go wild, my dear! Release the darkness in your heart. *giggles

((Independent rp/ask blog for Marmo/ Bell / Hoshiiwa and Queen Mirage from Doki Doki Precure. and HappinessCharge Precure.
Will rp with any fandoms plus AU threads. ))
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    Paradise ( @askyayoikise )

    Particularly, that day, was the day that Yayoi’s father died. Miyuki and her friends knew how much that makes Yayoi sad, so they decided to let her walk home alone.

    Her mother was at home, so she bought some things to prepare a special meal. Maybe, she will ask her mother to teach her how to prepare the meal that her father liked the most.

    Not very far away from her, a woman was following her carefully. She noticed that her Psyche was a little different and decided to investigate. Maybe, this will be a good day to spread despair.

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    Science is amazing ! ( @klutzy-metal-moron )

    Queen Mirage was at her throne room, looking the several Precure around the world with her mirrors.

    A knock on the door was heard and she granted permission for the entrance. Some of her minions, the Choiark, opened the door and two Choiarks came with a strange looking robot.

    " Introduce yourself, strange creature. " - said Queen Mirage, hitting her staff on the ground.

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    (( You don’t imagine how I am excited with my tumblr again. I will try to answer some replies when I arrive home tonight. And I need to write a thread for Klutsy-metal-moron. I can’t forget ))

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    Good Night, stupid humans. I hope you have a lot of tooth cavities… so all your sweets can be mine. *high-pitched laugh*

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    mutantalopex started following you

    " Wait… Another talking animal? " - Marmo sighed - “ Nowadays, talking animals are easily found anywhere. At my house, for example, there is an annoying mouse that can talk. “

    " I heard that… " - said Bell from his room

    " Whatever… What is your name? "

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    Good Zakennas, no Cupcake ( @majorlandduo )




    " Oh, thank you! -zakenna " - said the shorter Zakenna, picking the box and handing to the taller one.


    " We don’t have what she wants -zakenna. " - whispered the taller one, very worried about the payment.


    " I already said you to follow me -zakenna" - whispered the shorter one back - ” Just a minute please -zakenna “


    The shorter zakenna put his hand inside the jacket and pretended to search something.

    " Oh no! -zakenna. Maybe I dropped my wallet outside -zakenna. "


    " Don’t worry -zakenna. It’s over here -zakenna. " - said the taller one, handing the wallet to him.


    " WHAAAAT? -zakenna "


    Kanade drums her fingers on the counter. “Gentlemen, please. There’s no need for subterfuge. It seems to me that you’re working for someone else. I can allow you to use the store’s phone to call them. Maybe your employer will allow you to have the cupcakes if you bring one back.”

    " Do you want to know the truth? We aren’t going to pay for these cupcakes -zakenna " - the shorter butler picked the box and started to provoke her.

    " But… This is wrong -zakenna. She worked hard for those cupcakes -zakenna. " - the taller one picked the box from him.

    " Give this box to me NOW -zakenna "

    " Only if you pay for them -zakenna "

    They started to fight for the box. The shorter butler tried to take the box from the taller one.

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    "How did I get here?" Love wondered. She turned arround and saw a big mirror.
    @I will turn your desire into a dream come true:




    " Welcome to the Precure graveyard, Cure Peach… "

    Mirage smiled evilly and her body was surrounded by a malicious aura.

    " … and the place of your eternal sleep! "

    " Who would cheer for someone like me? Who would be by the side of someone like me? "


    The whole place started to shake violently. The sky of the Precure graveyard started to crack like a mirror, letting out a lot of dark power.



    "I will show you that I am not lying." Cure Angel raised her arms towards Queen Mirage’s mirror.

    "Pretty Cure! Loving True Heart Fresh!"


    Queen Mirage shot another beam at her attack, but it didn’t work this time. The white heart hit her mirror. The sky of the Precure Graveyard became blue and all the Precures trapped inside the mirrors started to regain consciousness.

    " We forgive you! " , " We understand why you did this. " , " We give you a second chance. " , " Don’t give up , Queen Mirage "

    All of that were said by the Precure that once, she thought in defeating.

    " Why is this happening? Why don’t you hate me… WHY? "

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    Phantom Empire x Zangyack Empire ( @ask-dmc-vergil )




    " I made a proposal to her: If we win this battle, I would go to Phantom Empire with her again. This was the only way, Ba-kun… I hope you can understand me… "


    " Enough with this love talk. It’s me what they want, right? Let’s grant them their wishes. "


    Basco snarled at Queen Mirage, “Hsohiiwa, don’t throw yourself away for this woman. She’s not worth it.” He turned back to the queen, “I only helped you because Hoshiiwa wanted to try and free you from your darkness. But if you try and take her away, then I don’t have any reason to protect you anymore.”

    " Don’t understand things wrong. Why don’t you ask her about this? "

    Hosshiiwa was reluctant. She felt like she was betraying him, after everything he did for her.

    " Something wrong, Hosshiiwa? Don’t you want to tell him that you were the one who proposed this? "

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    In front of her, there was a blue-haired woman smiling. She had golden eyes and bat-wings behind her ears ( That she didn’t know they weren’t just accessories ).

    The woman approached Kii and extended her hand to her, trying to help her to stand up.

    " Don’t be scared, little girl. I don’t bite… "



    Kii blinked, but hesitated taking her hand. ‘What a beautiful woman' she thought to herself. There was no reason to be so cautious. Well except for the fact that she was giving Kii the shivers.

    "Oh, um, thank you…" She finally replied, taking the woman’s hand. It felt colder, she swore. ‘No no no Kii, this is all in your head, you have to stop this.

    " Why such a beautiful girl like you looks so tired? You don’t deserve something like this. "

    The woman smiled, cleaning the dirt on her clothes. The lady seemed to be a good person but ,definitely, there is something wrong with her.

    " If you are having some kind of trouble, I can help you if you want. "

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    Three Bats