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Give up your heart to the Selfish Trio

Out of my sight, stupid human… It’s what I used to say. My name is Marmo and together with Bell, we are the remaining members of the original Selfish trio who served to King Jikoochu. After his defeat, Bell became a mouse and Ira disappeared. Both of us still live in our hideout, Go Go Jikoochu. Our desire is to be friendly with people and show to them that, even villains can change. We are becoming friends with a few Precure but most of them still are our enemies. Everyday my friend Hoshiiwa, from Phantom Empire, comes here. I hope you are brave enough to make a visit. If you win a bowling match against us, I’ll let you go safe… Maybe! ((Independent rp/ask blog for Marmo/ Bell and Hoshiiwa from Doki Doki Precure. and HappinessCharge Precure.
Will rp with any fandoms plus AU threads. ))
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"Don’t worry about it, man."
im probably gonna print this out as a sticker for myself so i can stick it on my face and cry


    "Don’t worry about it, man."

    im probably gonna print this out as a sticker for myself so i can stick it on my face and cry

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    Problematic Student ( @rainbow-light-cure-colours )



    " Look! The girl who can’t even transform is trying to fight against our powers. Let’s see if your heart can stand this. "


    Ira pointed his finger toward her chest and started shooting a beam of Janergy too. That amount of Janergy inside a human’s body should be enough to corrupt anyone, even a Precure.

    " Offer your heart to King Jikoochu! No one will save you… Your place is together with the Selfishes. "


    Upon the infliction of another beam of malicious energy, the young and innocent Kagami Hikari jolted in pain, arms and legs quivering to a sensation deprived of warmth. Her mouth was gaping wide, desiring to scream in terror, but only a weak mumble escaped, her head tilted to gaze at the face of a villain, the man restricting her arms.


    Eyes-so-beautiful gradually faded with time, the lingering light replaced by a icy stare. Hikari felt abandoned, the thought of her friends turning their backs towards her invoked a lone tear.


    Uttering a name, the final words of a heroine of justice, the child’s body was reduced to a doll whose invisible strings had been cut, head and body hanging lifelessly in the face of her enemies.

    However, her mind was insistent in ridding the silence that surrounded her.

    "King…Jikoochu…" Twitching now and again, the defeated maiden muttered a familiar name, one she had not heard, but at the same time, came to know after awakening from a long dream. Raising her head, opening her eyes to an audience of three, Hikari revealed a shade not her own, a sinister colour that reflected the nature of her capturers. "I…offer…my heart…to…"

    The kind and loving Hikari was no more…


    To this child corrupted by Janergy, selfishness would be her answer to everything.

    A dark energy started to surround her body and Bell released her hands. Her heart started to absorb the remaining amount of Janergy around her and, when the absorption was completed, she fell on her knees. She said something and a deep silence invaded the place.

    " Is she alive? " - asked Ira, approaching the cage.

    Hikari raised her head and looked toward them. Marmo noticed that bat wings grew behind her ears and her eyes weren’t the same as before.

    " Her transformation is complete. Now our group will be invincible with our new member, right Dark Colours? "

    " I offer my heart to King Jikoochu! " - she said without expressing any emotion

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    "Long time no see marmo."
    @Give up your heart to the Selfish Trio:

    " Dear! It’s so good to see you again. Our last meeting was wonderful. "

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    Oresky was walking around the streets of a town he didn’t even know. Wandering aimlessly, without even a single Choiark following him.

    The passersby were looking at him suspiciously. He remained completely oblivious to this, but if he noticed, he would probably have thought they knew who he was.

    The real reason people were staring was actually because his costume was quite unusual. You don’t see a man in a military uniform of a country you don’t even know every days.

    Oresky was a bit bored. Queen Mirage still wasn’t calling for him. Maybe he should just summon a Saiark and have fun wrecking the city?

    Lost in his thought, he sat down on a bench. Pushing the person who was already on it aside.


    "Move. I shouldn’t even have to ask."

    " Your pride is always blinding you, right Oresky? "

    He looked to the side and saw a blue-haired girl holding a pink umbrella. Oresky ignored her, without noticing who she really was. Hoshiiwa narrowed her eyes and kicked his leg, drawing his attention.

    " Hey! It’s not polite to ignore a woman while she is talking to you. "

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    What if you had to fight against Ira
    @Give up your heart to the Selfish Trio:

    " That little brat can’t scare even a child. What do you think he can do against me? "

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    "Hoshiiwa, stop slacking off and help me find Namakelder."
    @Give up your heart to the Selfish Trio:

    " Oresky? I can’t rest without being interrupted by you? Geez… " - she sighed - ” The last time I saw him, he was trying to defeat the Precure in a baseball game. “


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    " Look at her legs! " - the boy pointed at them - ” They are so funny! I can’t stop laughing. “

    " Ira! " - Marmo shouted, looking at him - ” Don’t be so rude in front of our guest. “


    Marmo started walking around the cage while she was talking about their mission.

    " To spread despair and selfishness in this world, we need to make the Precure disappear. But I have a great idea now and you will be my volunteer. "


    Marmo pointed her finger toward Hikari’s chest and shot a beam of Janergy, starting the process of corrupting her heart.

    It was embarrassing to endure - a boy with mini bat-like wings behind his ears, his teenage form levitating off the surface, purposefully mocked Hikari’s unsteady knees, a criticism she did not appreciate as she tensed her teary eyes, trying to shut herself away from this harassment. Were her arms not restrained by this elderly villain, her ears would be sealed. Instead, the child was forced to hear it all: The insults, laughter, and emotional pain.

    "Volun-t-t-t-teer…?!" The moment the woman in a dark-purple coat uttered a particular word, Hikari quickly repeated them. "Wh-What do you mean?! What are y-y-you going to-URGH?!?!" There was a ray of magic penetrating her tiny chest, its effects digging into her soul akin to numerous thorns.


    "Ugh…ah…haa…?" The sensation was cold, numbing the mind as her body twitched now and again, her vision losing focus.


    This dreaded feeling… It reminded her of the darkness that once invaded her not too long ago. It was similar, leaving her helpless and trapped. She failed to fight off the blackness that day, but she was saved by a team she came to accept as friends.

    There was no guarantee she would be saved this time - Hikari was alone, tricked by three villains of selfishness.

    "N…No…I…ugh…can’t…give up… N…Not…hehaa…y…yet…" Despite losing consciousness, the child managed to utter a few words before gritting her teeth - she had to stay awake. "P…Pre…Cure…always…win… A…Allies of…ugh…Justice…always win…"

    At the same time, sleep was prevailing alongside negative thoughts, fabricated emotions rewriting the old. It would be so easy to give up…

    …but as a PreCure, she could not.

    " Look! The girl who can’t even transform is trying to fight against my powers. Let’s see if your heart will stand this. "

    Ira pointed his finger toward her chest and started shooting a beam of Janergy too. That ammount of Janergy inside a human’s body should be enough to corrupt anyone, even a Precure.

    " Offer your heart to King Jikoochu! No one will save you… Your place is together with the Selfishes. "

    (( Janergy / Egogy is the main source of energy of the Selfishes. This was introduced oficially when they started to use Beast Mode to defeat a Precure ( Beast mode - They eat a corrupted Psyche and become a Jikoochu ). To defeat a Selfish it’s necessary to purify all this Janergy inside his body. Janergy, in humans, are produced when they start to have selfish thoughts and they are responsable for the corruption of human’s heart. The Selfishes can materialize this Janergy and create spheres or shoot beams. The fairy of the group, Ai-chan, has a protection against the Egogy. If this protection is reduced, their powers grow up. This is all I know about the subject. ))

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    You seemed to have bumped into, “theselfishprincess” in the crowd



    " I would be very happy to have you by my side in this task. I’m sure both of us will be very pleased to see those pathetic humans fall into the depths of despair. "


    "I’d rather see them all dead. So, sorry. I already have another.. I guess you could say ‘partner’ for that job."

    " What? You are denying my request? How you dare? "

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    Creature of the seas ( @slumbering-lord-of-rlyeh )


    Sounds interesting to say the least. Your logic is flawed.”

    " Flawed? I think you didn’t understand my objective very well, sir Cthulhu. "

    (Source: theselfishprincess)

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    The most Terrible End ( @ask-dmc-vergil )






    " That coward. I can’t believe he left. He will pay me for doing this! Deep Mirror, there is no need for fighting anymore. Let’s go. "


    " As you wish, my Queen. "

    A big mirror appeared in front of them and they entered, returning to her kingdom.


    " Ba-kun! " - said Hoshiiwa, surprised - ” Why did you run? It was the perfect chance to defeat her. “


    Basco shook his head, “I’m not so sure, especially considering she has Rapparatta now. I’m not totally sure of what she can do. And I wanted to make sure that you were safe Hoshii-chan. Besides…” Basco smirked at her, “I know exactly how to get rid of her. And we won’t have to lift a finger. Do you remember how I mentioned that the Zangyack Empire was here?”

    " I think you misunderstood me, Ba-kun. I think I never told you about the real story of Queen Mirage, right? Since I am not her servant anymore, I think I can tell you. "


    "Alright then. If it can help me to deal with her, then please tell me all you know." Basco was curious, how could knowing Mirage’s past help them now?

    " How can I say this without making you confused? " - Hoshiiwa looked to the sky - ” Queen Mirage, actually, isn’t Queen Mirage. It’s hard to understand but after some time you get used to. “

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